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By increasing the number of BSN nurses, Maliski hopes to reverse the trends. In addition, numerous studies have pointed to facilities with a majority of bachelor-prepared nurses as having more positive outcomes for patients. "An important part of the University of Kansas' mission is to build healthy communities," outgoing Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little said in a release. "This new KU School of Nursing location enables us to further our mission by educating additional health care providers so we can better meet the needs of Kansans, particularly in underserved parts of the state." In partnership with Salina Regional Health Center , the new program will include education from on-site faculty and distance education from the KU Medical Center campus. By the program's fifth year, the Salina campus will have reached its maximum capacity of 48 students. The Medical School's program peaked at 32 students, graduating its third class this month. A new building is planned for the KU programs in 2018. "We know that space is limited so we see part of our mission — fulfilling the needs of nursing throughout the state," Maliski added. With a new education building set to open at the university's Kansas City, Kan., campus later this year, the KU School of Nursing also will welcome 10 additional students there — a total of 114 — for the fall semester. The 170,000-square-foot building commissioned from Kansas City-based Helix Architecture + Design Inc.

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